Now Accepting Applications!

Do you see education as a way to develop the potential of individuals and to impact society? Do you want to be a part of educational communities of respect where students love learning? Do you believe in the inherent value every child’s knowledge and curiosity? If so, consider a teaching fellowship with the Progressive Education Lab!

We seek candidates who:

  • want to be powerful educators and agents of change.

  • strive to teach to all dimensions of students’ interests, experiences, and aptitudes.  

  • honor all of the knowledge and curiosity that students bring to the schooling experience.

  • believe in respectful, collaborative relationships between educators and learners.  

  • value the process of students developing voice and agency in their educational experience.

  • appreciate the need to hone independent thinking and deep academic inquiry skills.

The Progressive Education Lab (PEL) is a two year teaching fellowship designed to give recent college graduates an understanding of the fundamentals of Progressive theory, while learning from intense mentoring and practical experiences at Progressive schools. PEL’s mission is to prepare young people to become powerful educators and agents of change in the teaching profession.

In their first year, our fellows learn and work as a cohort. They spend time in each of the four PEL schools (Cambridge School of Weston, The Putney School, The Crefeld School, and The Miquon School). Theoretical learning is braided together with hands-on experience and mentoring from master teachers. Fellows become part of a community of practice at each school, observing and working with talented teachers across all disciplines.

In the second year, each fellow receives a paid internship on the faculty of one of the PEL schools. Fellows continue to work closely with mentors to hone their teaching craft. They also participate in career guidance to enter the job market and find work as a transformational educator.

We are currently recruiting applicants for our 2019-2021 cohort. No prior education coursework or experience is required.

Application Process

  • Stage 1: Apply by January 15th, 2019

  • Stage 2: Phone Interviews (February-March, 2019)

  • Stage 3: Fellows are notified of acceptance (April, 2019)

  • Stage 4: Fellowship begins! (August, 2019)

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