Who We Are: Leadership

PEL school heads and teacher mentors come from a variety of educational backgrounds and a wide range of teaching experience. Some of them have gone to traditional schools of education and many of us have earned degrees in particular disciplines. However, in true progressive fashion, all of them actually learned to teach and grew as teachers "by doing".

Most importantly, what all of these school leaders and mentors have in common is a commitment to sharing their experience with young people who wish to become powerful teachers and agents of change in the profession.

School Heads


Emily Jones
Head of School
The Putney School

Emily has created her own graduate school of education by living and working all over the world. She is fascinated by the ways in which brain science is confirming what early progressive educators knew by observation.



Jane Moulding
Head of School
The Cambridge School of Weston

Jane Moulding is a hands-on head of school who loves the "change and innovation" parts of progressive education. She also loves the nineteenth century in literature and the arts.


susannah-headshot 2.jpg

Susannah Wolf
Head of School
The Miquon School

Susannah believes the heart of Progressive education is found in the relationships forged through the deep respect teachers have for their students as learning, developing individuals. She came into teaching because she wanted all kids to have the opportunity to love math the way she did as a student at Miquon. She is thrilled to be back at Miquon where she still loves playing in the creek and getting dirty.



George Zeleznik
Head of School
The Crefeld School

George Zeleznik, Ed.D., has been Head of School at The Crefeld School, an intentionally different, college preparatory school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, since 2011. George started working in education more than 22 years ago as a high school science teacher and advisor. George focused his graduate work and wrote his dissertation on Graduation by Exhibition: Demonstration of Mastery, a progressive approach to earning a high school diploma. He is a champion of experiential learning and progressive education, and believes in giving students voice, choice, and opportunity.


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Mollie Gambone, Ph.D.
Executive Director
The Progressive Education Lab

Mollie’s educational career has been a hands-on, experiential adventure. She started her career teaching in a juvenile correctional facility, then caught the travel bug and spent 10 years teaching English language and literature in Ecuador, Turkey, Bangladesh, and Honduras. Mollie’s doctoral dissertation focused on progressive education, urban education, and teacher leadership. In addition to teaching, Mollie has also done work as a curriculum consultant, an educational researcher, and an adjunct professor.